5 ‘Must to Do’ Things for getting Good Search Engine Traffic for your Blog or Website

Internet marketing, social media optimization and Search engine optimization tips for getting good volume of search engine traffic for any blog 

Getting search engine traffic for your blog posts is as important as is crafting each post of your blog. Having a blog full of posts and not getting good search engine traffic is like owning a shop and not getting customers.


Considering that you are a professional blogger who creates blog posts for money and other marketing profits, getting good numbers of daily visitors is very crucial for the success of your blog. Here in this blog post we are going to discuss some important tips and techniques briefly.


Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and social media networking (SMN) are the main sources of traffic for any blog in general.  That’s why our main focus for getting good search engine traffic should be on all the above mentioned 3 big sources that dominate the whole concept of search engine traffic


-> Role of Internet marketing –


Internet marketing is a powerful media when it comes to marketing for any new or already established business. The days of relying on posters and advertisements in marketing are long gone.


New marketing tools, like social networking have come up rendering any business that relies on the traditional methods of marketing obsolete. Businesses should come to terms with the fact that the marketing world is quickly changing and should adapt modern ways of promoting their visibility online.


-> Search engine traffic and Internet marketing


Being visible online in today’s world will determine whether your business succeeds or fails. The normal person spends a considerable amount of time on the internet. Businesses which are a wear of this fact have changed their normal way of marketing and have gone more into internet marketing.

There are a number of strategies that successful businesses use to stay adrift on today’s competitive world.

The best strategies a business can use to take full advantage of internet marketing include the following;





Another way of making sure you business always stands out from the rest is to share content from other people. Doing so will encourage other marketers to also promote your products when you want them to. Sharing other peoples content on your website also builds your relationship with your clients because you are sharing great information about products that are helpful to them. This makes them to want to visit your website more.
As a business stars sharing other peoples or businesses blogs and videos other marketers will also share your products and this helps to improve traffic to your website. You can also choose to use a tool known as Tribe pro which is a tool that helps businesses to share each others content.This is a very powerful tool that creates a sharing network that eventually improves each person’s ranking in search engines.




The advent of social networking has greatly revolutionized the marketing world. Social networking sites like twitter and Facebook has opened a unique and brand new way of marketing on the internet. It is a great idea to create a social networking page for you business and connect it to your website.


In doing so you create an infinite source of information that you can easily tap into when you want feedback on how your businesses is moving. Social networking provides a means where businesses can get feedback by ensuring that their clients are provided with a platform to air their grievances and to also contribute in a constructive way on how the business is impacting their lives.


Interacting with your clients on social networks does not always have to be about selling or promoting a particular product to them. just talk about general topics related to your field on your page. The next time they need information about something rest assured that they will come to you.




This is perhaps the most important part of marketing your business online. Have you ever searched for any business online using any search engine e.g Google;  what appears is a list of related words that appear in a list.

For your business to appear at the top of the list, there are key words that you need to use to allow the search engines to locate your business easily.

Search engine optimization is a way of ensuring that those keywords are used in a way that improves your ranking in search engines.

To achieve this any business should seek the services of a qualified expert that will help them on ways to improve their SEO ranking.




Try doing something that sets you apart from what your competitors are doing. A business should analyze what marketing methods its competitors are using and get a different unique way of competing for clients. Try marketing your products somewhere your competitors are not such as on you tube, Pinterest, etc. The choice is endless.

In everything you do try to be unique and it will always attract more clients to your business.




Do not clutter your website or fan page with allot of unnecessary information that end up confusing your clients. Always keep the website simple and clear on the promotions that are going on, the discounts being offered e.t.c. This will make more people visit your site because it is easy to understand and explore.


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