10 Usefully Basic Tips for Bloggers who are New to Blogging and Content Writing

10 Simple and basic tips for starting a blogging career – Blogging tips for Novice Bloggers




Blog writing tips for new bloggers :


Blogging has steadily grown to be one of the easiest ways to boost your online credentials these days. As we are currently living in a technology-and-social-media-driven era—where the social pressure to document everything we do is so widespread—it is no wonder that people invent new ways and tools everyday to make the practice of leaving digital footprints easier. Enter blogging.


  1. Understand what the premise of blogging is in the first place. Blogging used to be merely an activity of keeping an online journal of some sort, where one could write about whatever he or she would be interested in or is doing right now. But, over past some years blogging has evolved a lot and now it has become a serious profession for most of the people who write blogs. As a first step towards starting to take blogging, think seriously for what purpose you will be writing for – to make it a part time/full time career or to enjoy a passion you have for writing. Think : why to write!
  2. Know which kind of blog you will write for. There are many kinds of blogs out there, but generally they are divided into two main groups: diary blogs and niche blogs. A diary blog is an online recount of someone’s life written for public consumption. Meanwhile, a niche blog is a weblog that specializes in a single theme and posts its content based on said topic, such as cooking or photography. Most of the blogs written by professional bloggers come under the second type.  Decide : what to write for!
  3.  Know what it takes to write a great blog. With the amount of blogs and websites in the internet nowadays, it is hard to maintain a successful blog—that can attract a lot of new audiences and retain the existing ones—without producing great contents. You don’t always have to travel the world to have interesting material to write about, although it won’t hurt, if you can write in an entertaining and engaging style. You don’t always have to possess perfect grammar and punctuation to be able to pen great posts, if you can choose a unique angle. Have what it takes to!
  4.  Develop your own voice in writing. Some authors have such a distinct style in writing that the readers can recognize their writings at once, without having to check out the book covers first. To be able to build your own voice in writing is not easy, as it requires constant practice and patience, but it is not impossible. It is a honed skill that will get better with time. No matter how perfect your grammar and punctuation skills are, your blog posts will still feel dull—and soulless—if you don’t own what you write about. Stand out !
  5. Draw inspiration from others. When you start writing, you will draw inspirations from your favorite authors or bloggers in their writing styles or blog themes, which is okay. As you write more and more, though, you will discover the style that suits you best and inject your own personality into the writings, slowly molding your own style and voice. Get inspired!
  6. Update your blog regularly. If you really want to build a successful blog that will generate a lot of traffic, you will need to instill a discipline in regularly updating. There is nothing more annoying for the readers to follow a great blog, to be abandoned for two or three months without any new posting or excuse.  Stay updated & connected!
  7. Keep your promises. Build a discipline to update your blog content every other day or every week, so that your readers will know the schedule of your blogging activity. If you promise to post a review of the ARC version of The Bone Season, do post it when the time comes and don’t go back on your words. Be a man of his words!
  8. Go back to the basics. Remember, the Internet stores everything that you decide to share on it –even after you have deleted it. If you are afraid that you will run out of interesting topics to blog about, keep a notebook around so you can jot down some ideas when inspiration strikes.  Never forget where you came from!
  9. Choose engaging topics to post. Blogging about your run-of-the-mill daily activities is not wrong, and can turn out some pretty funny materials at times; but it is not the same when you decide to pick the topic of “Recent Popularity of Trolling” to write about. You have to admit that opinion topics like that will spur a lot of pros and cons from your audiences and put some life into your blog by injecting comments and discussions. 
  10. Reach out to your readers. Readers feel like they are an active part of your blog and not just some mere followers. Plus, if they really like your post, they will share it to others on social media sites. That can contribute to more traffic to your blog and even earn you the position as a top blogger! Reader engagement is the key! 


Ask your self : Do you have what it takes to become a successful blogger writer? Know, explore, and find out if blogging is made for you and vice-a-versa!


Read and learn a lot – learning is a never ending process for any career/profession/hobby. Find out what other blog writers are writing about, how they write, what is their writing style, etc.


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