5 Search Engine Optimization Tips you Must Implement to Give your Blogging a New Dimension

Why SEO is SO Important for blogs?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a term that every blog writer always concerns about. Even though some of those blog copy writers might think establishing effective audience is more essential than Search Engine Optimization.

But we require to deliver equivalent meaning to SEO as well, because search engines like Google always come out with criteria up-dates like Panda, Penguin.

And we have no idea which one will attack our weblog. Another essential factor is that if you want your blog gain a higher position in Google SERP’s, you must apply Primary Search Engine Optimization methods.



Why SEO is so important for blogs?


So what does all this SEO thing have to do with your blog? As I stated once my weblog had grew up and grown past its first phase and I observed that my blog articles started to show up in the first page of google search for some pretty appropriate terms for my blogs domain.

While they do not independently provide a lot of traffic, jointly it is a stable flow due to new readers and this is the key .


Search Engine Optimization is an area that most blog writers will never get into in any real detail. At the biggest level, very specialized individuals are examining and monitoring factors to improve Google SERP positions for their blogs. These bloggers use various tools and techniques to improve the value of their blogs.


5 Must have blog Optimization tips for your blog writing in order to gain desirable results for sure!

[ Search Engine Optimization is an integrated part of blogging ]


I have summed up 5 must have blogging tips to get desired results from your blog posts. Only writing good content is not enough, you need to follow some other techniques as well.


#1 Read..read a lot about Search Engine Optimization !


If you are new in the writing a blog group, some of the best Optimization guidelines and best methods can help you to get that preliminary raise to position relatively excellent on Google look for. Save or bookmark some excellent blogs that offer good insights about Search Engine Optimization methods to help bloggers showing excellent understanding and best S-E-O guidelines.


#2 Quality is queen !


As you know Search engines are always effectively active in searching for the top quality material. So, if you sustain good quality in your posts, your weblog will be observed by the Search Search engines and will be given much more significance in the SERP’s soon for the keywords your blog is using.


#3 Create engaging and quality content to gain high score on on page optimization scale


Few details to create high quality content-

-Your blog post should be informative
-Maintain excellent legibility ranking for your post
-Do not over use search phrases just to gain a higher position, sustain appropriate flow
-Break your factors perfectly, create it understandable
-Use Titles and sub titles successfully.
-Keep your blog posts descriptive
-Use sources like Video clips, infographics, etc
-Use ‘content research’ if possible and if required before writing a post.


#4 Keyword researching and analysis


I know Keyword and key phrase Analysis are not always simple, you need to invest lots of your time and effort on it to identify on the appropriate keywords.There are a lot of keyword research resources available on the Internet , but go for Google AdWords Keyword and key phrase Device, you will get most of the information there.

If you don’t know how to use it, just look for for the relevant videos on YouTube.


#5 Tagging is crucial for ranking higher in SERP’s


Few guidelines for appropriate tagging :

* Title of your post should be H1 tag with your concentrated keywords in it.
* Subtitles with H2 and H3 headings accordingly.
* Use relevant meta tags with keywords in it, but do not use excessive keywords.
* Alt tag is a must for all the pictures you use in a post.
* Make your concentrate-keywords strong and italic
* Use keyword tags in posts apart from label/categories


Summary– What are the most important factors in SEO for blogs?


  • It’s mainly the well optimized content of a blog
  • Off-page Optimization, that is, backlinks and other submission activities
  • Both – On-page SEO and Off-page SEO are equally important


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