A Brief Note to Keep your Blog Posts Updated for Better Rankings

5 Ways to Keep your blog relevant and updated for better search engine optimization results



The blogs that stay relevant and always be updated are more likely to get better search engine rankings and page views per visits than those that don’t change oftenly and don’t care about relevancy.  Though, relevancy could be found in a wider sense as well.

This is a vary basic and fundamental rule in blogging, but there are many ones who ignore/forget this easily. Making each post relevant to the main theme/idea of your blog is important from the view points of readers as well as search engine rankings.


This is the reason behind the high popularity and rankings of niche blogs ( Update – now after Google Penguin updates there have been noticed a constant shift from ‘niche’ blogs to ‘authority niche’ blogs )  among expert and Internet marketing bloggers.


Offering relevant and timely information –


There is nothing as bad as going to a business website only to find that the information displayed there is not up to date and is not relevant. Having a blog that offers people helpful information will always ensure that they come back whenever they need your services.


I firmly believe in this statement when talking about good blogging practices : Keep your content updated to make it relevant for ever & relevancy is the key to rank your keywords. 



One of my fellow bloggers who is an expert writer in making top 10 lists of useful content, updates his posts constantly once in 3-6 months to keep them always fine-tuned and updated. And he always gets good ranking for whatever he tries to.

A break down of what he normally does to achieve this :


  1. Links– He checks to see if all the links on his blog are working properly. This is very important when you have many outbound links from your blog posts. On an average, on a blog that hosts 100-200 outbound links,  there are always chances that 0.5-2% of  the links would get broken over the time.  Broken links are shown/considered as errors when you check in your webmaster or site map. So, checking for broken links on your post should be the primary step in the process of keeping your blog neat, clean, fresh, clear, and updated. And everyone likes that blog for these reasons 🙂
  2. Define. And redefine – He always makes sure if all the listed sites in his posts are arranged as per their changed rankings for a specific category. This is specially a good tip for the bloggers who write content that gets changed over the time. Think about movie scores, music charts, company earnings, Alexa rankings, Google PR, etc.
  3. New addition – He also adds new items to the list time and again. He advises that it’s sometimes better to add new content in an existing post that is/ isn’t ranking well. For an example, if you have a post that is getting good number of visitors, then you can also rank your other posts with the help of this. And, if you add more content and make it really good, then this post can be used to impress your readers and big chances are that they will want to read your other posts as well. And for a post that is not ranking well, you can have a re-look at the content and make a balance of what is liked by both, the search engines and your reader, at the same time. You have to keep both of them happy 🙂
  4. Recheck SEO – Some times he adds new key-words, images, and information to some of his old posts in order to rank them higher. Search engines value the content which is timely updated and stays up to date.
  5. Handle with care – But he warns not to update the posts if there is not a significant change in the content, otherwise it may harm the reputation of your blog in the eyes of RSS/ ping/ indexing sites which will ultimately make a bad impact on the search engine rankings for your content.


If you follow the above rules sincerely, i am sure you will have the feeling of achieving a goal and you can move forward to some other holistic rules for a better blogging! ( we will talk about that later in some other posts on SEO Tips Blogger )


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