5 Effectively Strong CMS Platforms for Blogging to Create a new Blog or Site Free

5 Best Blogging platforms review for bloggers and content writers

[ Top 5 Blogging Sites where you can Create a new blog of your own ]




What is a blogging platform or website ? – Those websites or CMS are called blogging platforms where you can write and host your blogs without taking the trouble of coding, and technical parts. You get all the things ready-made.


Though, you can customize some ( or full depending upon the CMS) features as per your creative wish. Blog platforms are those big websites that provide a common stage to all its writers for creating individual blog pages.

Five blogging platforms that are most used best free blog sites by novice and advanced bloggers


There could be millions of bloggers/writers who are using a common CMS to create blogs or web article. For an example, Blogger.com is such a commonly used blog creation platform that is accessed by millions of users on daily bases for crafting their blogs using their WYSIWYG interface.


Blogging web sites mentioned here are free to sign up and you could create your own blogs using any of these blogging platforms without paying for a domain name ( you get a free sub domain name) and blog hosting charges. Though, if you want to use your own domain name then you need to purchase your custom domain names.

Using free blogging host could be a great idea for many and at the same time there could be some downsides as well.


Blogging platforms for various professions and hobbies

What is the purpose of your blogging ? There are many bests Blogging platforms depending upon the types of blogs and activity



Which blogging platform will be best for you ? The straight answer would be it depends on what purpose your blog writing holds and for what profession or hobby you want to use for blogging.


Today, there are so many types of blog writers who write on broad variety of subjects or you can say blog writing has become universal in theme.
Some people use blogging seriously to promote their products or their online business .

Some bloggers are serious online marketers who generate leads through their enticing writing style.


You can find so many people writing blogs about their own life, personal experiences, day-to-day activities, passion, interests, hobbies, so on..!


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Review of 5 Best Blogging platforms for bloggers and content writers:-

What are Best Blogging sites for writing blogs? Find answers and reviews on best blogging platforms for bloggers and content writers. List of Top 5 great CMS (content Management System) Platforms for blogging.

Here you go:-

#1 WordPress.com

Technically WordPress is one level up from Blogger and one down from Drupal, Joomla..!


This is not the case that WordPress is only for evolved bloggers, writers. A big part of all the new bloggers who want to take blogging as a (part-time/full-time) profession and want to make good money writing blogs, promoting online products, chooses WordPress as their dream blog writing/hosting platform.


Blogs written using WordPress blogging platforms tend to be more professional and authoritative.
Wordpress is full of blogs written by web developers, technical writers, internet marketers, affiliates, online publishers.


The reason is simply: Wordpress offers sophisticated blog writing/enhancing tools, solid SEO materials, great templates, and a best-ever CMS ( Content management system) platform to create a blog post.


#2 Blogger.com

Blogspot blogs get highest visibility on Google compared to any other blogging platform


Blogger or Blogspot blogging platform is the best blogging platform till date when it comes to simplicity, usability and getting Google’s special love !



Usability   Blogger blogs are simple to use and set up; and you can start a new blog in just 2-3 minutes ! Using and creating content on Blogger’s Blogspot blogging platform is very easy. Along with that you could point your custom domain name easily on it and it all takes few minutes.


Creating posts on Blogger is a delight for any blogger or writer as it offers distraction free simple CMS to create posts.  Though, in terms of full SEO and plugins you don’t have anything at your disposal.  But, if you want to use your own domain without taking any expenses and burdens of web hosting, then Blogger is the right choice for you.



#3 Joomla

Joomla-blogging platform for advanced bloggers


Joomla is an open source blog publishing platform, though there is also options for paid versions where you don’t have to worry much about the coding part and you won’t have to start from the scratch. Paid plans include hosting and domain name purchasing, so you can set up all things for your blog at a single place for more comfort and ease, leaving you more time for blogging!
Joomla is trusted and used by millions bloggers and web-masers across the world and certainly it ranks in the top notch place.

Hint: It has an award winning CMS system 🙂


#4 Tumblr

Tumblr=Casual, professional, social media- all in one blogging platform


If you are new to blogging world, or you are an artist/ photographer/ painter/ designer who wants to show their work to the community fellows- here you are going to find the listeners!
Tumblr is an Easy, simple, and beautiful blogging platform. You can create your blog posts in just 2 minutes and can take hours, if you want.
You can get lots of beautifully designed templates for free for your Tumblr blogs.
You can use your custom domain and thus can have your own unique blog address (rather than www.yourname.tumblr.com).


#5 Movable Type

Movable Type blogging platform-Open source CMS as well as commercial CMS


Owned by Six Apart, Movable Type is an open source platform CMS where you can design your blog as you desire with all the tools, features available for an advanced blog creation process.
You can also take Movable Type’s commercial CMS where you are offered anything you want for the needs of your blog in terms of designing, hosting, domain servicing.
Certainly Movable Type deserves to be in the top 5 slot of the best blogging platforms for 2016.

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Which is your number #1 choice from the list of top 5 blogging platforms on the web? Please leave your valuable comments and suggestions here.


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