How to Create an All Conquering Blog? 6 Must Follow Facts/ Rules about Blogging

6 Blogging tips that every New Blogger must remember to follow the path of successful blogging


Read about the basic rules and tips for new bloggers| Some Sane advices to set a strong foundation for your long term blogging career. If you are a new blogger- read these fundamental tips and strategies to create a strong base for your blog writing path. 



Blogging was quite profitable when internet was still young; between the year 2000 and 2004, and independent content creators- commonly known as bloggers- were making a living comfortably from blogging.


This ceased to be the case when the global economy became relatively unstable in 2004 and advertisers started to be more careful about how they spent their money. During this time, the internet had also started to jam with traffic and more people around the globe were becoming aware of the lucrative opportunities provided by blogs. New blogs were created until the demand for content was exceeded by the supply.


This atmosphere made it difficult for even the established bloggers to make as much money as before from their content. However, content creators who have managed to stay competitive can still inform, inspire, influence and teach the world using blogs. They used the following tips to get to the top of the ladder.


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#1 They Developed a Niche


Most blogs die because of excessive generality. A successful blogger is someone who is able to recognize and write entertaining content about their passions. A blog that is founded on passion has a greater potential to earn the trust of its visitors. Chose a topic you are competent in and publish content that is both entertaining and educative, to establish your niche and credibility.


#2 They Did Not Blog for Money


Your major concern should not be how the blog is going to earn for you, but how useful is the content on the blog. Blogs that are created to earn money usually die early, but those that are created with the purpose of true writing live long enough to get a reward.


#3 The Willingness to Share Content


Ensure that you give your blog meaning by sharing the information it contains. If you do not share, then there will be no difference between your blog and you physical diary. A successful blog is social and connective in nature. The views you put there should be shared and be useful to the community.


#4 Give Credit to Others


If you are writing a blog about poetry, don’t assume you are the only one who has groomed that path. If you get an idea from another poetry blogger, honor them.


If it is a new electronic gadget you are blogging about and someone else had covered it first, acknowledge them for that and if possible, create a link to their blog. Follow the example set up by academicians and scholars; they always credit one another, referencing their research to fellow academicians who were the first to travel their road. In fact, this is one of the reasons we trust their work and ability to teach at our universities.


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#5 Keep your Blog Up-to-Date


The frequency with which you update your blog determines the amount of visitors the blog is going to receive. Make an effort to post something new for your visitors every day or after every two days. If you cannot write new content frequently, find a co-blogger but ensure there is cohesion in the blog.


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#6 Choose the Right Blogging Platform


A blog is simply a website journal. Nowadays, almost everything has a blog; newspapers have blogs, institutions have blogs, companies have blogs and even blogs have blogs. The platform onto which you establish your blog will determine the amount of success the blog will attain.

For example, if you choose to use Facebook as your platform, your content will soon become buried in the timeline. Therefore, find the kind of a platform that will enable you to develop a niche and preserve your work for some time. 5 Best CMS platforms to start/ create your blog 



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