SEO Blogging Tips- How and Why SEO is Important for a Blog’s Success!

Relationship Between SEO and Blogging- Tips for improving your Blog’s Presence all over the Internet


Small Blogging Guide for newbies and average bloggers:

There are more than 47 billion webpages on the internet! If you are just an ordinary user, this sounds great, because you can get any information you want. On the other side, if you are a blogger or a blogger to be, this may be problematic. Simply said, the competition is tough and you must be the best in order to be noticed. Making even small mistakes can cost you a lot and you can experience serious side-effects.


SEO and Blogging Tips

What is Blogging and what is SEO?


Blogging isn’t just a job or hobby, blogging is a passion, where you can express yourself and share your opinion with the rest of the world. For most bloggers, making the first blog was fun and interesting thing. If you have the same plan, make sure you know a few things before you start making your blog. In general, all of these things are simple and even fun.


SEO is in close relationship with blogging, due to the fact all bloggers use it. It is impossible that you have never heard of this term. If you have, but you still don’t know what it means, here is a definition (a simple one). SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it means a process which should make a website more popular with search engines. Simply said, SEO should be used if you want your blog to be listed on the first page of a Google search.


Fresh content


Having a website that offers some obsolete posts isn’t recommended. In fact, these blogs are almost never visited. The most important thing, you should know about your blog is that you must provide FRESH CONTENT. This means that you are going to write every day or a few times a week. If you update a content once a month, your readers will stop visiting you. This is the worst thing that can happen to you.


Fresh content mean the latest content. If you want to publish something or to make your blog better, you need this. Make sure you publish only the latest and the most important content. Something that has been on the internet for a long time won’t be interesting to your readers.


Now, when you know that fresh content is important, you can start with SEO. This means that you must optimize your new content. There are thousands instructions on how to do that and almost all of them are simple and easy to follow. The first step is to find a keyword that has been searched by Google the most times and optimize your articles for this. Remember that this is just the first step and there are a lot more.


In addition, never publish posts shorter than 500 words. Readers don’t like them and SEO tactic isn’t effective in this case.


Why keywords are important for your blog?


What is a keyword? It is a word or a phrase that appears several times in a post. A few years ago, we saw that some companies use a lot of keywords, so their posts look boring and even annoying. This had a negative result because readers stopped reading these posts. Even worse, Google stopped showing these websites on their search result pages!


If you are using keywords make sure they are short, well-chosen and they are used in post in a natural way. This means that they must blend into the post. Use them in a title, body, and URL. Make sure they no longer than 70 characters. Proper keywords are those that are searched on Google for most times.


As you can see, there is a huge relationship between keywords and your blog. The better keywords you use, the better and more popular content you will have. At the end, your blog is going to be more popular as well.


Larger site doesn’t mean more readers


If you have a blog, the main goal is to have as many readers as possible, obviously. Nobody wants to have a blog that has just a few readers. This means that bigger blog will have more readers. Wrong! According to Matt Cutts, from Google, the number of pages (the size of a website) isn’t the most important part of it. In other words, even if a blog has a million pages, it doesn’t mean it will be the most popular on the internet.


The goal is to focus on the quality of SEO content. If you provide high-quality content, you will have more readers. You will write more and more people will write about you, so your blog is going to be noticed. By doing this, Google will place your blog on the first page of search results and this is the thing you want.


Blogs without SEO feature are failures


If you have a blog, you should and must use SEO. As aforementioned, there are a lot of websites, so you must do anything you want in order to make your blog popular and noticed. The best thing is to use SEO. It is simple, effective and free. Remember that alone, you cannot do much, so you are going to need writers and editors. Make sure they are the best.


There is no point of telling you that you must invest a lot of time and knowledge in your blog. In addition, your posts must be bulletproof, without any mistakes (grammar, spelling and wrong facts)


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