How to Make Money Blogging in 2016. Ways to Earn Online with your Blog!

How to earn online Income with your blogs via Blogging


Blogging was, it is and it will be the best way to tell the world what you like and dislike. It is also the best way to reduce stress and have fun. However, bogging can be much more!


One reason, why so many people blog is money. Yes, money is present here as well. Due to the fact you can make a lot of money blogging, more and more people choose to do this. Writing blogs is simple and isn’t time consuming, when you know what you are doing. On the other side, when you are just a beginner, this may be problematic.


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Find out the Popular Ways to Make Money Blogging


Blogging consists of knowledge, skills and experience. This means that the more you are practicing, the better you will be. So, when you finally create your perfect blog, you will be able to start making money.


The real question is, what are the best ways to achieve this? After a lot of research, we managed to provide you a couple of ways that are going to be very ‘’productive’’ in 2016.


They are:


#1. Working with brands and sponsoring content


This is well-known way to make money with your blog. In essence, you will have to write a feedback of some product or to include a link. The best thing is that you get a flat fee, so it is irrelevant how many users click on the link or read the feedback.


In this case, you can write a blog post related to some brand. In return, you will get money from that brand. The more visitors your blog has, the more money you will get.


On the other side, you can advertise brands and products on your social media. The goal is to write as you used that product and now you want to inform your friends.


#2.  Affiliate marketing

This is also a great way to make money with your blog. A great thing is that you can easily make a lot of money. However, you must be filled with wisdom and ‘’cute’’ words. This means that you will have to write content about things you ‘’like’’. Of course, you will write about items and things that can make you profit.


Then, you offer a link in your content. When a user purchases an item, you get a percentage of that money. The more users purchase items, the more money you earn.


#3. Use Google AdSense



If your blog has a high number of visitors, you can use AdSense to make money. It is free to use and the amount of money you can earn depends on a number of the visitors. The goal is to make readers click on an advertisement on your blog.

This is also the fastest way to make money with your blog.

The best tip is to have attractive advertisements that look completely different. This means that your visitors are going to ‘’check them out’’.


#4. Paid memberships


If you offer some type of downloads, information, or something very useful, you can offer paid memberships to your readers. When a user opens an account on your blog, he pays for a membership and you get money. Very simple and very productive, but only if you have excellent content and features.


Paid memberships are a great way to earn extra money, and this feature can be used combined with other features from the list. It is important to have the best content and great features on the blog. If you have old content or a content that isn’t interesting to readers, you won’t have a lot of readers.


#5. Sell advertising space on your blog


If you have a blog with high number of visitors, you can sell ad space. You can sell it to companies and other bloggers. In any case, you are going to earn extra money. The amount of earnings depends on the number of readers and size of sold space. In order to do this, you will have to: create a page just for advertisement and create a media kit. Then, you must find connections with companies and bloggers.


The more traffic your blog has, the more money you can make. This is a useful motivation feature that can make you pay more attention to your blog and try to make it even more popular.


#6. Offer your services


If you are good with the internet and with computers, you can sell your knowledge. For example, you can offer consulting to blog beginners. This is a very simple and fun way that can be profitable.


If designing graphics is your thing, you should offer this service to your readers. Some of them are going to need it. In return, you get money. This applies to writing web content as well. Make sure your content is 100% unique and high-quality one. If you try to copy content, your reputation will be ruined!


#7. Donations


If you are good at what you do and you know how to offer something interesting to your readers, donations may be a perfect way to earn some money. This feature can be used with others, due to the fact it cannot do you any harm.


If you don’t have advertisements in your clog, this is almost a mandatory feature in order to maintain your website.


#8. Make appearances


Eventually, your website will have thousands and even billions of visitors. Then, you can start making money with making appearances and speaking. This is a simple way to earn extra money, but you are going to be well-known blogger.



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