Tools for Blogging- 11 Insanely Helpful Web Tools for Bloggers You’ve Got to Try!


Some cool and killer Web Tools for every New Bloggers in the Web World!


The new year has just started up and every one of us bloggers have been planning to make some big changes in the way we do blogging. And, what and how we do blogging!  Changes are inevitable in every aspect of life, and blogs are no exception to this.

So, get ready and make a resolution to become a powerful blogger . A blogger who knows what and how to take the next step. There are lots of new steps to be taken in the journey of blogging.


11 Most Wanted SEO Tools for New Bloggers for their Blogging Success


 The present blog post at SEOTipsBlogger which is about ‘Blogging Tools’, is just an   addition to the steps we have to take regularly for making our blogs more outstanding and  visible on the web!






10 Most fundamental Tools for optimizing your blogs fully for search engines


  #1. SubList


If you want to increase the number of email subscribers your blog receives, SubList is a must-have for bloggers. SubList offers a slider widget that makes subscribing by email easy. You’ll never have to worry about email newsletters again.




#2. Blog Post Metrics


If you want to analyze the social media shares your content receives, Blog Post Metrics is an excellent tool to add to your arsenal.


#3. Go Native


Are you a blogger who likes to test out new tools and widgets on your site? Are you constantly searching for innovative new resources that can help make your blog even more popular with readers? There area variety of fresh tools for bloggers that are currently available or in beta testing.


Discovering these new blogging resources can not only help boost your audience engagement analytic, but could even potentially increase your advertiser revenues thanks to an up-tick in readers. Check out the following list of blogging resources to see which ones align with your blogging goals.


Go Native lets you turn your existing blog or website into a mobile app. You can create an Android or an iOS version of your site.


#4. Readrboard


Readrboard is an extremely useful blogging tool that helps increase audience engagement and improves your time-on-page, ratio. Readrboard is free to install across multiple blogging platforms.

Readrboard lets your audience react to blog videos, bldg images, and blog text. Instead of making your blog’s readers sign up to a comment-enabling platform, why not let your audience react to your blog’s offerings on their own terms? Check out Readrboard for yourself to see if it can improve your site’s stickiness’ ratio.



Indispensable Tools and Steps for SEO To Boost up Blogging


Auditing and adapting your website to increase your standing in the search engines is a process known as search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a lengthy and often complicated process, but it is one which can be made a great deal simpler by using the right tools for the job. This guide takes a look at six of the most important types of tools you should have in your SEO inventory.


#5. Search Engines


Unsurprisingly, the first place to start conducting research for your SEO strategy is the search engines themselves. You can use them as much as you like without restrictions, and they can provide invaluable insights into current trends, popular search terms and more. Getting a better understanding of the search engine results pages (SERPs) is a critical first step in understanding how SEO works.


You’ll also be able to use the search engines to determine how much exposure your website has at the moment. Another useful feature is Google’s Auto complete, which you can use to get a better idea of which keywords and phrases people are most often searching for.


#6. Webmaster Tools


Google Webmaster Tools is a completely free website management utility which costs nothing to use and only requires you to have a free Google Account. The Webmaster Tools allow you to detect crawler errors, duplicate WebPages, website ranking and status information, traffic information and more.


You can also create and submit a sitemap for your website. The world’s second-largest search engine, Bing, also has its own set of tools which you might want to try.


#7. Analytics


Tracking and analyzing your website’s performance is critical for success, and Web analytics tools are a must-have for any webmaster, regardless of the size, type and purpose of your website. The beauty of any form of online marketing is that a huge amount of data is generated which you can use to audit performance and conduct valuable research.


Google Analytics is one of the most popular of such tools, and it is free to use. It will show you where your visitors are coming from, which search terms they are entering, which pages they look at, how long they stay on your website and much more. Other popular tools include Yahoo Web Analytics and KISSmetrics, the latter being a paid service.


#8. Keyword Tools


SEO largely revolves around the correct use of keywords, and this makes choosing suitable keywords to target critical to your success. You’ll need to include your keywords in your written content and page titles and descriptions, provided that they sound natural and are not overused. However, choosing suitable keywords to target is the difficult part.


One of the best places to start is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, a free-to-use tool which provides keyword suggestions and a wealth of other useful information, such as competitiveness, search volume and approximate cost per click in paid advertising campaigns.

[ Search engine ranking Guide for new bloggers ]


#9. Goose Trends


Goose Trends is a highly versatile tool which you’ll find invaluable in your marketing efforts, and it is also free to use. When searching the Web using Google Trends, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of parameters including location, categories and content type.


You can use this tool to identify trending topics in your niche, making it invaluable for helping you to come up with new ideas for website content. You can also compare up to five groups of search terms simultaneously and conduct keyword research very effectively when using it combination with a keyword planner.


It’s particularly useful for a whole range of other reasons as well, including geo-targeting, finding trending news topics, brand monitoring and more.


Other Useful Tools:


While the above tools should provide you with almost everything you need to start out with, there are many other things which you might find useful, such as the following:


#10. SEOmoz


This paid SEO package is free for the first 30 days. It provides on-page optimization recommendations, ranking information, competitive analytics and much more.

#11. Screaming Frog


A free site crawler, Screaming Frog basically emulates the crawling process used by the search engines to better help you analyze your website’s performance from an SEO perspective.


Are you responsible for creating content for your company’s blog? Do you use blogging to inform your customers of service updates and new products? There are a number of fresh tools you can utilize to maximize the potential of your business’ blog. Follow this blog post to learn about 10 basic on page SEO tips

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