Why Start a Blog – Blogging for Love or Making Money?

Blog Starting Tips -The important Things to consider, the questions to ask yourself!


There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers these days. In the information society that we live in, it seems that everybody has some type of blog. There are social media blogs, video blogs, SEO Blogs, and even talk show blogs. There are blogs everywhere you look. However, the real question is, who are today’s bloggers really talking to?


Whenever you think of a blog, it’s normally about something that is of some interest to a targeted group of people, but too often these days, it seems that some bloggers are missing the point of what blogs are intended to do.


The original intent of a blog


The first blog, or personal home page as it was called then, was created by a college student named Justin Hall in 1994. In the 22 years since that time, blogging has taken on a life all its own. Blogs are basically online diaries that share information with people who have similar interests.


Blogs went from people simply sharing their thoughts, interests and daily routines to being streams of income for many people. Once it was discovered that an income could be generated from blogging, lots of people flooded the blog scene. The issue that arose from the rush of new bloggers was that the initial purpose of creating online content became diluted.


Getting into blogging for the right reason


When you think about it, the people who initially got into blogging for the income weren’t the same as those who did it because it was fun or something they loved to do.


These days, there are those who are more focused on how much traffic they can generate for their sites as opposed to simply communicating information to the people who visit their sites to get useful information. What can be seen nowadays is an almost complete disregard for the reading audience as it pertains to creating content that is helpful to the people who visit blog sites.


There is information being put forth on these sites, but there seems to be a general disconnect between many bloggers and those reading their blogs.


Yes, there are many subjects, which are called niches that blogs cover. People visit these sites because they are either looking for information or are interested in what a particular site has to offer them.


Often what happens is the desire for financial gain gets in the way of the real value that blogging can offer. When your readers are served first and foremost, that is when your blog is in a prime position to generate an income.


A great time to become a blogger


It may seem that blogging is a saturated industry, but that’s far from the case. Yes, in the quest to gain an income from being a blogger some things have gotten lost, but that’s not to say that you can’t be a great blogger or that it’s evil to financially benefit from it.


You just need to go about it the right way. As I mentioned before, blogging was intended to simply be an online diary, but I don’t think that anyone could’ve predicted the path that it has taken.


This online platform has been used for things as varied as mainstream media outlets to political campaigns. Anyone with a sense of what goes on in the world can readily see that the blogging industry will only continue to grow and is in no danger of disappearing in the foreseeable future.



Be a blogger with a servant’s heart


If you are serious and want to establish an online presence as a blogger, the first thing you’ll need to do is find your voice. When you create a blog remember that you’re an extension of the readers of the contents of the blog. When people get into blogging or any other profession for that matter, they often forget who they’re actually serving and focus only on money.


If you remember that it’s “you” who has something to offer others then this shouldn’t be an issue. It’s you who are stepping out of your comfort zone to communicate information to others that will help them. When you’re being of service to others first and foremost, you’ll find your voice and thus a presence that will only open other doors and avenues to further the adventures that blogging has to offer.


When you consider that it’s you and your audience, you’ll see that it’s considerably easier to not only generate an income but to duplicate the process for a sustained period of time.


Find your niche as a blogger


The best way to actually find your voice is to find a niche. When I say find a niche, I mean find something that you’re passionate about. Let’s say you love cats. That would be a great place to start. Or if you have a depth of knowledge about gardening, that would be another great place to start.


The thing to remember here is that it’s more than just writing about something you’re familiar with. You’d be better served by finding something you love because it brings out more of “you” in what you’re communicating with those you’re serving. The Urban dictionary defines niche as a position or activity that suits somebody’s talents or personality or that somebody can make his or her own.


When you consider this definition, you can now see that it’s not just about a particular subject of a blog but more in line with the person communicating the content.


Blogging offers so much more than money


In finding not just a niche, but your niche, you may come to the realization that blogging is more than writing a post. A blogger is a servant of humanity.


If you remember that there are people who want what you have to offer and that if you go about it the right way, you can create an online presence that provides not only an outstanding income but also a way of life that is more fulfilling than you ever dreamed.


When you understand that it’s not about generating an income but making a genuine connection with the readers of your content, you’ll find that blogging can be personally fulfilling as well as very lucrative.


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